Palliative and End-of-Life Caring

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Hospital, Hospice, HomeOn-Site Palliative Massage Therapy
for Patients & their Families

Through both professional and personal experiences, I have learned the importance of caring, compassionate touch in easing the suffering of those who are living with very serious illness.

Massage therapy can affect the many systems of the body and mind. Soothing the nervous system helps to reduce pain, nausea, poor sleep, digestive disorders, anxiety, feelings of isolation, helplessness and hopelessness, and other impacts of the illness and the stress associated with it.

Family members and friends who are involved in supporting their loved one also benefit from the stress-reduction effects of massage. Seeing care being taken of their caregivers often is helpful for the person who is ill, as well as the reverse.

I offer on-site massage therapy for the cared-for and the care-givers in hospice, hospital and/or home.

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