Listening to the BodyMind

Healing Touch & Talk for Change

In a safe space, using the gentle, respectful touch and meaningful dialogue of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, I help people who seek change to discover and explore the knowledge and wisdom that we hold in our bodies. This information is of great value for the healing of our relationships as children, siblings, partners, parents, friends and colleagues as well as our relationship with ourselves.

During your session, you are seated in a chair or lying on a padded massage table, fully clothed. With the use of gentle “listening” touch and voice, you are invited to turn your attention inward by attending to your breath and your present experience in your body. With compassionate dialogue guided by myself, the messages of the body are explored and your own internal wisdom is accessed.

By bringing to conscious awareness the experiences and feelings from the past that formed our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world, we then have the opportunity to re-examine and heal our relationships that cause us physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tension and pain. Space is created for fresh perspectives, hope and positive change. We become empowered to make healthier choices about how we respond to the challenges life gives us.

Rubenfeld Synergy lends itself very successfully to working both by meeting virtually online and by telephone when the possibility of in-person sessions is not available.

The method used by Rubenfeld Synergists is centred in the understanding that bodymind is inseparable. Memories, thoughts, and emotions are stored in the vast network of our body’s nervous system, vital organs, and sensory apparatus. Our bodymind speaks to us through how we move, hold our bodies, experience pleasure and pain, relate to others. Synergists teach us to notice the language and metaphors of our nervous system and how, with awareness, they can guide us to greater physical and emotional freedom. Please visit for more information.

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