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The Role of Massage Therapy in Health & Well-Being

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The Role of Massage Therapy in Health & Well-Being

Our minds, bodies and spirits suffer from large amounts of “doing” and not enough “being”. We keep hearing that health and happiness come from living a balanced life but to get there where do we begin? How can we make an intervention in the cycle of perpetual doing?

A powerful and enjoyable way of stepping in is to allow ourselves to receive the gifts of touch through massage therapy. It is a gentle and profound intervention that gives us the opportunity to tune in to our bodies and, by paying attention, to experience the metaphorical lifting off of the burdens that keep us “at tension”. Changing the body changes the mind and the spirit. Each influences the others.

Linda views massage as an ongoing dialogue between her hands and the body. By “listening” with her hands, she is constantly being informed of the body’s responses to each touch, then adjusts and fine-tunes her treatment accordingly.